Jen Weir

I'm a lover of all things outdoors and fitness -- inspiration for my work. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science, am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an ACE-Functional Training Specialist and also maintain a Personal Trainer Certification. I own and operate Front Range Fitness & Health Coaching where I offer coaching in-person and online to help clients conquer their mountains (metaphorical and literal). I am Montana born and raised and strive to spend every spare minute enjoying all this big beautiful state has to offer with my adventurous little family.

Kids + Movement = Health + Happiness

As a mom of three, health enhancement teacher to over a hundred students and fitness professional, I think it’s safe for me to say that kids need to move – EVERY DAY. Whatever your role in a child’s life, you’ve no doubt experienced that incessant energy all kids come equipped with. We’ve all reached that point where it’s just easier, and often necessary, to just turn them loose into the playroom, backyard, playground, park or any other space available where they can run, move and burn off some

Change Your Focus

Weight loss is a common health and fitness goal. While it’s a noble quest, it’s also vague, sometimes overwhelming, and doesn’t always end with lasting lifestyle changes. I have a proposition for you — instead of focusing on what the scale says or what size your clothes are, or what part of you jiggles more than you would like it to, try focusing on the small changes you can make every day to achieve your goal. Focus on moving more every day, even if it’s only three minutes more than yesterday

You Need to Walk Every Day: Here’s Why

Walking is something we all do every day. Unfortunately, many of us go out of our way to minimize any unnecessary movement. If you’ve ever been dropped off in front of the grocery store while your significant other circles the parking lot, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Rather than doing our best to walk as little as possible, we need to be striving to walk as much as possible. Why? Because walking is good for you, simple as that. Hippocrates said it best, “Walking is man’s best medic

6 Reasons Your Brain Loves Movement

There’s no doubt about it, our brains are important. While there are things many of us do to keep them strong — reading, listening to music or thought-provoking podcasts, creating whatever comes to mind — there is one more simple task you can add to the list: move. While it’s important to continuously augment your brain from a psychological standpoint, it’s also imperative to regularly nourish it from a physical perspective as well.